LCL part container from China

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LCL part container from China, what to look out for and pitfalls to avoid.

LCL part container from China

LCL part container from China, what to look out for and pitfalls to avoid.


Are you sourcing and importing products from China? Found a good partner, who has exactly what you are looking for? Are they offering VERY attractive shipping costs? Think again and be wary, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

It is common for goods sent from China to incur huge costs when they arrive in the UK, especially shipped as LCL (part container) load.

Often the supplier and factories give very good prices, under CIF Terms, and it looks an amazing price. However it is also common for these charges to be “loaded” in favour of the shipper in China, who can received a “kick back” on the high charges you will have little choice but to pay, to get your goods.

Once the goods have shipped and arrived in the UK before you are aware of these charges, there is not much you can do about it.

Make sure you do your homework, ask the supplier to quote you on FOB (Free on Board – which means in short that goods are shipped to, and loaded on the container/vessel at the suppliers cost) as well as checking EXW (Ex works  - meaning you arrange to collect the goods from the supplier factory). It may seem strange to have to arrange everything yourself from here in the UK, but most freight forwarders can arrange it easily.

The benefits of checking these prices with KTL or another freight forwarder far outweigh the costs which could be incurred. By using a Freight forwarder, you have total control of the goods, you can control the port of arrival and can rest easy that they are collected, loaded and on the way and most importantly, on schedule. You will have a breakdown of the costs and can budget accordingly.

Need to get some free, impartial advice on importing from China? We are here to help, please get in contact and we can offer you the benefit of our expert advice.

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