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Founded in 1946 by Ali Riza Kinay, A.Riza Kinay Shipping Agencies and Trading was set up.

After purchasing its first ship in 1986 and establishing their own technical ship management company, there was an increase in a containerization trend in Turkey which led to the establishment of Kinay Transport and Logistics (KTL) and they entered the field of international transportation and logistics.

KINAY history Q&As

Who did it start with?

Ali Riza Kinay

When was it founded?


What was the original company called?

A.Riza Kinay Shipping Agencies and Trading.

How did Kinay fulfil his duty as an agency with the highest quality of service?

Kinay acquired the agency rights from the Bandirma-based boron mining firm that transports borate. This resulted in significant financial savings because it was no longer necessary to deploy personnel from abroad to oversee the loading of the ship.

How has Kinay’s success led to the growing and diversifying of the business?

The business now has numerous companies in Ship Agency, Chartering, Ship Owning and Operating, Ship Management, Freight Forwarding and Logistics and International Trade and Representation.

How did Kinay take advantage of the increasing containerization trend in Türkiye in 2005?

They established Kinay Transport and Logistics (KTL).

How many other KTL offices are there now?

10 – Turkey, Australia, Europe, Vietnam, Holland, Thailand, Benelux, Ukraine, China and as of 2023, USA.

What are their plans for the future?

They would like to continue to grow globally after over 77 years of trading.

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