Shipping to the Maldives


KTL Services to the Maldives

Shipping to the Maldives

KTL UK are well versed in exporting from the UK to the Maldives. The region is best known for crystal clear waters and prestine beaches, and is a truly luxurious destination to travel to. Due to the main industry being tourism it is still surprising the volume of cargo that is shipped to the Maldives.

Most commonly goods are moved to the Maldives by seafreight into Colombo, Sri Lanka, and forwarded on to the main island of Male. Male serves as the hub for transportation onwards to the many islands and atolls that make up the Maldives.

Luxury travel goods, infrastructure materials for building and maintanence are among the top items exported to the Maldives. The region has almost no locally sourced and manufactured products so the vast majority of goods are imported to the islands.

if you have a requirement to ship goods to the Maldives then you can rest assured that KTL UK will handle the goods to door, working with our local partner we can arrange almost any goods from door to door.

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