Freight insurance

KTL offer full insurance services on goods into and out of the UK and EU


KTL freight insurance

Ask KTL about our insurance services to cover the risk of your goods today. In order to protect yourself from financial liabilities and also to protect your shipment and its value, we recomend you take out appropriate freight insurance.

KTL Europe have a wealth of experience helping customers find the right level of freight insurance, and help ensure peace of mind for it's customers.

Physical Damage

KTL offer insurance against physical damage of your goods.

Damage in transit

KTL can find insurance solutions that offer full coverage against all manner of incidents.

General Average

KTL offer insurance that will help provide the right level of support should your goods be declared damaged or lost under general average.

High value and special goods

KTL offer insurance on high value or unusual, special goods, speak to us today.

Additional Services

Busy port for freight warehousing

Freight Warehousing

KTL experts design, implement, and operate flexible warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to your business needs. They analyse every point in your supply chain to determine the optimal solution.

Freight insurance cargo ship grounded

Freight Insurance

Insurance coverage for goods during shipment. Freight insurance can be purchased directly from KTL.

Cargo container being lifted

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance KTL offer full export customs clearance and can arrange import customs clearance at all UK ports and airports.

Lots of parked cars waiting to be shipped overseas

Vehicle Shipping

Moving a vehicle involves a great deal of coordination and planning, and can sometimes become more costly than expected. KTL have years of experience moving vehicles around the globe.