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Importing cars from Japan

Importing Cars from Japan

KTL Specialist car shipping department have extensive experience in sourcing and importing vehicles from Japan, our partner in Japan is well established and together we offer a tried and tested solution,operating from all regions of Japan, we can arrange collection from door, often an auction and assist to arrange the export customs and papers required to import easily on arrival to the UK.

KTL regularly arrange the shipping of vehicles from Japan – including awesome hot hatches like the Toyota Starlet Glanza, Nissan Pulsar GTI and performance cars such as Toyota Supra or Mazda RX7 our experienced team will be able to advise the best way for you to find the vehicle you want, and can arrange shipment door to door if required,completely removing any worries you may have.

Vehicle movements from Japan are mainly done by RORO vessel, but can be done by container.

RORO is a popular and cost effective solution and is our most recommended route, it is efficient and quicker than container shipping, and removes costs on arrival to the UK.

Our personalised service can include Insurance and a full inspection of the vehicle before it is shipped, this service provides photographs and a report of the overall condition of the vehicle,

Sea freight ports of loading in Yokohama,Nagoya, Kobe and Osaka 

The KTL vehicle shipping department can give advice on what the import procedure is on arrival to the Uk, and can assistwith required documents and NOVA registration, registration and doortransportation using vehicle transport including dedicated covered transport,if required.

Contact the KTL Vehicle team for more information.

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