Fumigation for Stink Bug to New Zealand and Australia

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Fumigation of vehicles for export to New Zealand and Australia

Fumigation for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

If you are looking to ship a vehicle to Australia or New Zealand then you will require Fumigation for the "Stink Bug" before the shipping line will accept your vehicle.

At KTL we are pleased to offer the complete package of vehicle shipping including professional cleaning and fumigation of your vehicle and arrange deliver to the port and onward carriage to ports in Australia- including Port Kembla (Sydney), Melbourne, Fremantle (Perth) and also to Auckland in New Zealand.

Here at KTL UK we are proud of our reputation for simple no nonsense guidance and we aim to make sure you do not fall foul of the regulations for treatment and cleaning of vehicles prior to export to Australia and New Zealand. Working closely with our UK Fumigation and cleaning partner we offer a cheaper alternative to the usual service provider located in the South of England.

It is our aim to become the preferred choice for customers looking to export vehicles all under one process - Cleaning, Fumigation, Delivery to Port, Ocean Freight to destination and destination customs clearance and, if required, delivery to door in Australia or New Zealand.

Our overseas partners in Australia and New Zealand are EXPERTS at handling vehicles when they arrive, and we work tirelessly with them to ensure a smooth, cost effective process that will ensure our customers keep coming back to us.

For more information please contact ops@ktluk.com

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