KTL Europe UK Ltd Shipping to Australia


Guidance for Shipping to Australia

KTL Europe UK Ltd Shipping to Australia

KTL Europe UK Ltd and our sister office in Australia,KTL Australia based in Melbourne, are able to offer full Export services to any part of Australia from the UK.

We offer shipping to Australia by Airfreight and Ocean Freight.

Ocean freight is cost effective, however can take upwards of 45 days port to port, we can offer FCL (Full Container) or LCL(Part container, on a shared basis) from the UK to major ports in Australia, we are also able to offer refrigerated container transport for frozen or chilled goods, Flat Rack Containers for large or heavy items that will not fit in standard containers and open top containers for goods that are over the heightof a standard container.

RORO Ocean freight is available for motor vehicles, plant and motor homes, although Australia has extremely tight restrictions on some vehicles, so it is worth checking with the KTL team if itis permitted to export before you explore shipping options.

Airfreight is quicker, but of course more expensive and offers multiple daily departures from MAN (Manchester) and LHR(London Heathrow) as the main hubs in the UK, however other options are also available, speak to the KTL team should you require shipment from another airport or region. The main Airports of arrival in Australia are Sydney,Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Having our own KTL Office in Australia means we can assist with customs clearance and delivery to door in Australia, and we can advise on Tax/GST and Duty matters should you require clarification.

It is worth mentioning that Australia take Bio security extremely seriously and they have strict policies in place for goods that could be potentially damaging, all wood items for packing need to be ISPM compliant, and any vehicle needs to be clean and free from dirt and insect infestation, failure to comply can result in customs inspections, fines and costs and in extreme cases destruction of goods. If in doubt please speak to amember of the KTL team.

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