What Size Vehicle do I need for my Road Transport?

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Vehicle Sizes available for Road Transportation

What is the right vehicle to transport my goods?

It is a good question, and details are not easy to find! KTL Europe can help and supply the right vehicle for your freight, here we give some approximate details of the vehicles available for road Transportation*

Based on a "Standard" pallet base of 120 x 100cm and "Euro" pallet base of 120 x 80cm:


4.2m x 1.3m x loading height1.73m - max loading weight 1250 kilos – max 4 Standard  or 5 euro Pallets


4.2m x 2.2m loading height 2.2m- max loading weight 1200 kilos -  max 6Standard or 8 euro Pallets

Fridge van

4.2m x 2m x loading height 1.80- max loading weight 1000 kilos


6mx2.30m Loading height 2.30m –max loading weight 2500 – 2700 kilos - 10 standard or 12 euro Pallets


7.70mx2.45m Loading height 2.65m- max loading weight 4000 kilos - 14 standards or 19 euro Pallets


7.75mx2.48m Loading height 2.75m– max loading weight 7000 kilos - 14 standards or 19 euros Pallets

Curtainsider Trailer

13.6m x 2.48m loading height 2.5– 2.7m = Max loading weight 25000kgs –26 Standard pallets or33 Euro Pallets

* Guidance only.

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