How many pallets fit in a container?

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How many pallets go in a shipping container?

Another good Question - How many pallets can I fit in a container?

This is a question we get asked a lot! KTL Europe are happy to share the following guidance*

Based on "standard" pallet dimensions of 120 x 100cm bases and "Euro" pallet dimensions of 120 x 80cm bases we can advise the following, based on single stack pallets.

20 Foot Standard (GP) Container will take 10 x standard pallets or 11 x euro pallets

40 Foot Standard container will take 21 x standard pallets or 25 euro pallets

Some trade lanes and shipping lines also offer the following container variants.

40 Foot "PALLETWIDE" Container will take 24 x standard pallets or 27 x euro pallets

45 Foot Container will take 24 x standard and 27 x euro pallets

45 Foot "PALLETWIDE" will take 26 x standard and 33 x euro pallets

For more information or guidance please contact the KTL Team!

*Guidance only

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