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Shipping Cambodia

KTL Europe UK have a wide, varied network of specialist partners in Cambodia,we have offices who can handle different modes of transport across the region, meaningwe can make sure that we put together the perfect package to arrange shipment either by Air or Sea.

KTL’s services between Cambodia and the UK, both for Import to UK and Export from the UK include customs brokerage, trucking and inland delivery. We can arrange shipment from door, port or airport. KTL Europe offer full services forImport by sea freight or air freight to the UK and export from the UK to Cambodia.

For Imports to the UK KTL will make sure that on arrival UK customsclearance and trucking to door is completed swiftly and will monitor the shipment closely. 

No matter if you use sea freight or air freight, we can arrange the fullpackage shipping from the Cambodia including handling payment of Duty and Taxes to UK Customs.

Shipping by sea freight is cheaper but takes longer than air freightespecially if your shipment is heavy or large.  Ocean freight between Cambodia and the UK normally takes between thirty and fourty days depending on the loadlocation and port. 

Air freight is fast, effective and perfect for urgent or fragile, high valuegoods when shipping between Cambodia and the UK. 

By using KTL Europe UK  to handle your logistics you are trusting us to get the shipment delivered as soon as possible, we understand how important your shipment is, and we will carefully monitor and check to ensure timely arrival and use our expert knowledge and contacts to make sure cargo arrives on time. 

Our negotiated rates with various agents, airlines and shipping lines along with personal relationships with our partners makes it an easy decision to useKTL when you are considering who to use, and who you can trust to handle your Cambodia shipping.

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