KTL China


This week we look at KTL China

Today we take a look at our partner office KTL China, with years of Freight Forwarding experience together we can help you with all your import and exporting needs to and from China.

KTL China – 

When was it founded? 

-       2016 


Where are they based? 

-       Shenzhen, China, 


What services do they offer? 

-       Sea freight

-       Land transportation 

-       Air freight

-       Multi-modal transportation 

-       Warehouse management 

-       Supply chain consultancy 


What values do they hold? 

-       High profession, high-quality, high responsibility

-       They are committed to bringing professional and high-quality services in all aspects to customers. 

-       Service orientated

-       Determined 


How much experience does the team have? 

-       Over a decade’s worth of experience within their team

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