Importing to the UK with Air Freight

Freight By Air

Use KTL Europe to fly your shipment to the UK

At KTL Europe we have the experience and global connections to ensure your Air Freight will arrive safely at its UK destination and on time.

Air Freight is the fastest way to ship goods, however it can be the most expensive. We handle all shapes and sizes on a daily basis so we are able to find the best value shipment for you.

As an experienced freight forwarder solutions provider we are able to relieve the stress and worry from you  If required we are able to offer UK and EU storage, distribution and warehouse handling services. We do recommend that all goods are insured regardless of transport method. We offer a bespoke insurance solution for you and your goods and we can normally cover with instant approval.

With a global network of partners we can receive goods from anywhere in the world to most UK Airports and arrange delivery to your door.

We can offer a ‘White Glove Service’ to deliver and unpack furniture for private clients. Our professional team can deliver, install and will remove all debris and rubbish.

Get in touch now with our experienced team for more information.

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