Freight Services between Turkey and the UK


Shipping to Turkey from the UK and EU

Trade between the UK/EU and Turkey is primarily focused around technical engineering products and machinery, this trade lane has grown steadily in recent years. KTL carry huge volumes of containers along this route, and have a dedicated trucking department that can move goods quickly by road. KTL UK have special rate contracts in place with all major carriers, and have a guaranteed space agreement with Turkish Air cargo we can ensure all transport modes are covered, at extremely good prices.

KTL UK can handle full loads and part loads by road and FCL (full container)and LCL (Shared container/groupage) to Turkey. Air freight is also a good option for urgent goods, but is more costly than sending by road or ocean freight.

KTL have regional offices in Turkey that can arrange the handling and delivery to door direct to your customer, however customs clearance is generally completed by the customer, Turkey is unique in this procedure, it is possible for KTL local offices to arrange customs clearance but the customer in Turkey usually have a broker they prefer to use.

KTL UK can help with export documents such as the ATR form which usually entitles the importer in Turkey to a reduced Duty rate. We can give you guidance on this, and other documents required to enable the smooth import of goods on arrival in Turkey.

Imports to Turkey generally require 14 days to enable customs clearance, therefore all our agreements with ocean carriers included extended free time of 14 days, to make sure the customer in Turkey doesn’t have to pay extra storage charges for full container loads.

UK Exports to Turkey generally depart from Felixstowe, Liverpool or London Gateway ports, the main ports in Turkey are Istanbul (Ambarli Port),Haydarpasa, Mersin, Gebze, Izmit, Evyap but these ports can have several different Terminals, it is worth checking with the KTL UK Team which port and terminal are most suited to your client, and the final destination of goods.

Airfreight from the UK can depart from MAN (Manchester) or LHR (London Heathrow) with many airports in Turkey, however the main hub is Istanbul airport, with a new Airport recently opened. Multiple daily departures are available to Istanbul via the national carrier Turkish Airlines who have various onward routes to the interior, local airports in Turkey.

KTL Global HQ is located in Istanbul and with a further eleven offices around Turkey KTL UK are well placed to handle any shipment to Turkey from UK or the EU.

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