KTL Australia


This week we are taking a look at KTL Australia

Today we are looking at KTL Australia.

When was it established?

-       2008

Where are they based?

-       Melbourne, Australia

What is their slogan?

-       Your key to the world.

What services do they provide?

-       Sea Freight

-       Customs/Quarantine Clearance

-       Freight Management

-       Coastal Shipping

-       Air Freight

-       Consultancy

-       Break-Bulk/Project Cargo

-       Transport

-       Warehousing

-       Warehouse Management

What do they offer?

-       International sea, air, rail and road transport solutions to, from and within Australia. KTL Australia offers exclusive access to a network of offices that are strategically positioned in every corner of the world.  

-       KTL Australia also offer a technology that increases productivity and customer relations. This is called KTL Meridian which is a Supply Chain Management Tool that enables both the operator and the client to have full visibility of shipments from door to door. This includes things such as being able to see the ETA, potential delays, customer clearance and delivery status.

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