Imports from Vietnam

Freight By Sea

KTL Importing freight from Vietnam.

Imports from Vietnam

Container Ship in Saigon Port

Vietnam has become a major U.K trading partner and an important source of clothing, shoes, furniture, agricultural goods and machineryand many other manufactured goods. This is due to the skilled workforce, professionalism and investments in technology. They are forecast to be one of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the next decade.

If your goal is to import goods from Vietnam, KTL can help ensure you cover all factors when dealing with importing from Vietnam, so you don’t make costly mistakes, waste hours decipheringcomplex regulations, allow our experience to make the process hassle free.

KTL are experienced Shipping Agents from Vietnam

KTL has been dealing with imports from Vietnam for many years. Our local agents are knowledgeable and will perform a wide range of useful services for U.Kbased importers. They can reserve space aboard ships, handle transshipment of goods through Vietnamese ports--by roador railto the dock, negotiate freight and arrange loading services, warehousing and various other requirements you may have, including helping to source reliable manufacturing partners.

Shipping agents and customs agents perform very different services; a shipping agent may not offer expertise in customs legalities, for example, and a customs agent won't normally engage cargo transportation.Our partners in Vietnam are able to offer combined shipping and customs services in one place.

Verify Legalities when importing from Vietnam with KTL

Ensure that you are importing goods in compliance with Vietnamese and U.K. law. Vietnam bans the export of arms and ammunition, relics, natural woods, wild animals, toxic chemicals and certain technologies, such as encoding software used by the government. An up-to-date list of banned exports can be found at various government and private websites, including the authoritative Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency.

Importing from Vietnam to the UK

KTL Customs Clearance

We can arrange for export customs clearance of your goods through Vietnamese customs. Government agents employed at international ports such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are responsible for verifying that all taxes and duties have been paid, that the goods may be legally exported and that all paperwork--packing lists, invoices, bills of lading and labeling--meets the legal requirements. KTL UK can help out in this area. Our local partners areexperienced customer clearance agents inVietnam and can handle this complicated and often time consuming task.

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