Ex-military vintage vehicle shipping

Vehicle Shipping

Shipping a vintage military style truck from the USA to the UK

Ex-military vintage vehicle shipping

KTL UK have recently been involved in shipping a vintage military style truck from the USA to the UK, we collected the vehicle from the seller in the west coast of USA, transported it to our warehouse near Los Angeles and loaded into a container to ship to the UK port of Southampton.

As part of our service we arranged the careful handling of the export paperwork to ensure no issues with US Customs.

The restored 1940’s vehicle is fully running and operational, lovingly restored over a number of years and heading to its new home in the UK.

Planning and moving such a vehicle takes a lot of careful planning, and working with our global trusted network of vehicle handling experts we are able to guarantee the safe shipping of your vehicle.

At KTL we relish the challenge of shipping vehicles that are a bit different, niche vehicles such as these are as interesting to us as they are to our customers, we take pride in shipping these pieces of history to a new home, we realise that in some cases these vehicles and the parts they require are rare, in some cases they are truly one off, and we understand that they are precious to all parties involved.

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