What is Palletised Freight and how can KTL UK make it easier to transport palletised goods on time and in mint condition.

Palletised Freight- Everything you need to know

Sarah Woodrow

November 6, 2023

The essentials of palletised freight 

Even people who aren’t exactly involved on a day-to-day basis with the shipping of goods tend to know instinctively what a pallet is; it is a wooden platform with an attached frame, on which items or packages are banded, strapped, taped, and/or shrink-wrapped. This process secures the goods in place for subsequent transportation. 

When it comes to cost-effective and efficient ways to transport all manner of items across borders, it is difficult to look beyond palletisation. But what are some of the key things you need to know about palletised freight, if you are interested in taking advantage of such a service? 

Introducing the concept of palletised shipping 

Palletised freight, or palletised shipping, is very much what it sounds like; it entails the use of pallets to move goods around the country or to other countries. 

The use of pallets has become standard for international distribution, and that isn’t by chance. With most pallets being capable of holding a total weight of approximately 1,000kg, they are a practical solution that are also highly effective at protecting items during transit. 

The design of a pallet allows for loaded pallets to be stacked on top of each other, which maximises the number of items that can be transported at a time. Simultaneously, however, pallets allow airflow, which could be important for perishable items. 

It is also easy to move a loaded pallet around with a forklift truck or other device, without the need for manual labour. 

Finally, palletised freight also offers scope to save money. Although shipping just one pallet to one end user could be extortionately expensive, much of the advantage of pallets is that great numbers of them can be transported at a time, with each one carrying multiple packages. This could allow for attractively discounted shipping rates to be achieved. 

We can help make palletised freight even easier! 

As we have set out above, palletised shipping offers a lot of inherent benefits. So, it should be no surprise that palletised freight has become such a widespread standard, with businesses, retailers, and individuals all taking advantage of it. 

However, there is plenty more that a reputable global freight forwarding specialist can do to make the process even more straightforward and efficient for those who are looking to ship goods across borders. This can encompass such vital elements as the arrangement of insurance, as well as storage, distribution, and warehousing services in the UK and the European Union (EU). 

With palletised freight typically entailing the involvement of a broader palletised distribution network – comprising multiple companies working together – your own assignment might be a logistically complicated one. 

Regardless, our team at KTL UK can help take the complexity out of this process for you, so that you can be sure your transported palletised goods will arrive on time, and in impeccable condition. To learn more about how we make this possible as part of our comprehensive palletised freight services, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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