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Warehouse move

A successful warehouse move from Alfreton to Sheffield.

Sarah Woodrow

November 14, 2023

Sharne and the team at KTL have recently been involved in helping a client move to their new warehouse in Sheffield. 

The team had to arrange the collection of all of the clients stock at the current premises in Alfreton and transport to the new warehouse.

It was arranged for 2-3 trips a day, with a trailer to go up and back down again as they only had a month to move out. 

Once all the stock was emptied we had to transport all of the racking. 

In total it was 80 trips and also 2 containers that needed HIAB equipment to drop them at the new premises. 

We managed to do it in the allotted timeframe and had a very happy customer  

If you are planning a similar move, get in touch with the team and let us move for you!

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