Sea Freight

The Suez canal has been blocked by the 200,000-ton cargo ship Ever Given.

With potentially weeks of disruption work is underway to try and free the large 'Megaship'

Sarah Woodrow

March 25, 2021

The ‘Megaship’ Ever Given yesterday became wedged across one of the worlds most important shipping routes, the Suez Canal

The large ship ran aground in the narrow channel and so far at least 150 ships are now stuck in this jam while work is underway to try and free the ship. 

The Ever Given, was built in 2018 with a length of nearly 400 meters and a width of 193 feet. It is one the largest cargo ships in the world and can carry up to 20,000 containers at a time.

The Suez Canal is 120 miles long and is the shortest shipping route between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Before it was constructed in 1859 shipping from Europe either had to go overland or around Cape Horn and the South Atlantic.

Rescuers are currently using diggers to try and are the bow of the ship which has become lodged in the canal wall, while tugboats and dredgers attempt to free the stern end. Experts have warned this may not be enough and cargo, oil and water may have to be removed to lower the weight of the ship. With the fear this make take weeks to free the Ever Given some of the 150 cargo ships are being reversed south back to the Port Suez. Shipping firms may also have to route their vessels around the Cape if Good Hope at the tip of Africa adding 14 days and 5,000 nautical miles to their journeys. 

The Japanese owner of the giant cargo ship  has apologised for the disruption to global trade.

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