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Sarah Woodrow

September 14, 2021

Thank you to our colleagues in China for this latest update on their current market.

Air Freight arriving in China will continue to be unstable over the upcoming weeks especially with the Mid-Autumn festival and National day holidays approaching. China is likely to take stricter measures in regards to Air Freight to prevent and control the pandemic. 

The upcoming holidays are..

The Unitex Mid-Autumn Festival holiday from 19th September- 21st September, with the country returning to work on the 22nd September. 

There is also a National Holiday from 1st Oct - 7th Oct, with most returning to work on the 9th Oct. 

The Ports in China are still very congested with the local Chinese ports are still facing a serious shortage in containers, thanks to the impact Covid-19.

On September 12, Shanghai and Ningbo was hit by the super typhoon Chanthu. The loading of containers at ports and docks has been  suspended until further notice. We will of course keep you updated on this. 

There is a struggle with the US market as the severe congestion at US ports has still not improved. There is still a Container shortage, with shipping companies now willing to support America in exchange for a high profit causing ongoing pressure for other routes. 

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