Customs Clearance

Supercar Custom Clearance

Did you know at KTL Europe we offer Customs Clearance for importing your supercar?

Sarah Woodrow

December 1, 2021

As part of our comprehensive range of freight forwarder services, we are able to assist you in all your Customs Clearance needs when importing your supercar into the UK.

Recently we were asked to help out with arranging the customs entry and paying the duties on a Porsche 911 that was entering the country, where will be registered and sold. The client was so pleased with how we handled this that we were quickly tasked with completing the import entries for the stunning Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, as seen in the photo. We have since been asked with exporting his Kit Car and once he has finished racing it in Andorra we will be importing it back into the UK.

With our knowledgeable team and vast experience we are able to calculate the rate to be paid and then arrange the payment on your behalf to HMRC in order to complete customs clearance.

Upon settlement of any customs charges we are then able to arrange for the delivery of your Supercar to your door. We cover every port and airport across the UK, so you can rely on us to arrange timely clearance and delivery of your shipment.

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