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Here are some of the most common issues that can arise with vehicle freight shipping and what you can do about them.

We can help you smoothly avoid or navigate all the classic problems that people sometimes face.

Sarah Woodrow

March 14, 2024

3 problems that can easily occur with vehicle freight shipping 

If the task of transporting a vehicle across national borders sounds like it would be complicated and challenging, that is because this is very much the case – at least if the right preparations are not made. 

As experts in vehicle freight shipping here at KTL, we can coordinate your vehicle’s journey around the continent or even the world. We can help you smoothly avoid or navigate all the classic problems that people sometimes face when attempting to move vehicles from one place to another. This way, you won’t have to worry about your set of wheels getting to where it needs to be. 

But what are some of the issues that can frequently present themselves when it comes to vehicle freight shipping? Below, we have put a spotlight on just three of them. 

  1. Delays and damage caused by items left in the vehicle 

It is of the utmost importance to ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for shipment before it is transported into another jurisdiction. Being rushed or neglectful about this stage could have implications for the vehicle’s long-term condition, and even your ability to get the vehicle transported at all. 

Any loose items left inside the vehicle, for instance, could be at risk of moving around during transit and causing damage to elements such as the interior trim or windows. 

If you are attempting to have the vehicle shipped to another country, any personal belongings left in the vehicle could also complicate the customs process. 

  1. The vehicle shipment being held up at the customs stage 

The task of achieving customs clearance for a vehicle can be a source of headaches for importers and exporters. Fortunately, you can minimise the chances of any such issues by taking advantage of the full customs clearance services that KTL makes available at all UK ports and airports. 

There might also be certain other vital stages of the vehicle import and export process that you overlook. For example, if you are bringing a vehicle into the UK on a permanent basis, you will need to inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) of this, using the Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA) service. Again, this is something we can advise and assist you with at KTL. 

  1. Additional and unexpected fees for vehicle freight shipping 

This can happen all too easily and often when someone seeks a quote for vehicle freight shipping from a freight forwarding company. The firm in question might provide an initial quote that is at least superficially attractive, until it becomes apparent at a later stage that there are further charges to pay, any mention of them perhaps having been buried in the small print. 

So, whatever vehicle freight shipping provider you approach, you should always demand the most comprehensive and transparent possible quote. 

It can be a quick and simple process to ask for such a quote from KTL, when you contact us by phone or email

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