General Guide to Exporting.

KTL Europe has written a general guide to Exporting

May 27, 2021

This is intended as a general guide to Exporting from the UK, if you have any unanswered questions or need more information please contact one of our friendly team today.

As a rule exporting from the UK is fairly straightforward, your buyer will want to agree incoterms, it is very important to understand who is responsible for associated charges.

When Incoterms have been agreed it is important that you make sure your cost responsibility is covered, so make sure any discussions with freight forwarders make it clear what incoterms you’re selling on and obtain prices accordingly, and double check charges are consistent.

When incoterms and payment terms have been agreed you can arrange your shipment with KTL Europe, we have great contracts with all major carriers, consolidators and airlines, this coupled with our exceptional customer service and worldwide network of over 350 Offices means we offer global coverage at the best price for you.

Insurance – we strongly recommend all shipments have Insurance cover and this is something KTL Europe can sort out for you as part of your quote. 

Storage- As an experienced freight forwarder solutions provider we can manage every part of your shipment and advise where necessary. If required we are able to offer UK and EU storage, distribution and warehouse handling services.

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