Covid-19 is still hitting China

With tough measures in place, some Chinese ports are still facing disruptions with Covid-19

Sarah Woodrow

November 19, 2022

China is still seeing a rise in Covid-19 outbreaks Zhengzhou/Chongqing is seeing most places in lockdown with working at home back in place. 

Guangzhou is the latest area impacted by China’s zero-COVID policy but movement of cargo is not being affected. 

China reported 17,772 new local COVID-19 infections for Nov. 14, up from 16,072 new cases a day earlier and the most since April, with major cities including Chongqing and Zhengzhou among the worst-hit.

We are not seeing any impact on cargo flows at the moment as daily operations of Guangzhou port terminals, trucking, warehousing and customs are running as normal. 

Currently other cities are running normal.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and regional instabilities, China-Europe freight train service has remained stable, helping boost the volume of China-EU trade. The China-Europe freight train service has served as an important trade link between Asia and Europe. With 82 routes, the trains now reach 200 cities in 24 European countries, forming a transport network covering the whole of Europe. 

Despite a multitude of international political and economic challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, China-EU economic and trade cooperation has been improving both in diversity and volume.

We will of course keep all of our customers updated with any future changes or delays. 

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