Brown Marmorated Stick Bug (BMSB) – How to save yourselves thousands!

With BMSB season underway KTL Europe can assist you with your export to the ‘at risk’ countries who require mandatory fumigation.

Sarah Woodrow

September 8, 2020

The BMSB season starts from 01 Sept (for all shipments from that date) and continues through to 01 April.

MPI have designated the “at risk” countries in which mandatory fumigation applies to exports.

The United Kingdom is NOT one of these countries. However, the Roll on Roll off (RORO) operators do apply a mandatory fumigation requirement on all Vehicles. This is because the vessel crosses into and loads from “at risk” countries eg: USA, Europe and Italy and they cannot take the risk of any cross contamination on the vessel as MPI will complete a vessel inspection upon arrival in NZ. The main traffic for these carriers is Motorhomes and Construction equipment.

For the last 2 years, Extreme Global, in conjunction with our UK partners have run an alternative service for motorhomes and large construction equipment. This entails loading the units on a 40ft Flatrack container base. These are loaded at the port in Southampton and discharged at the ports in NZ: Auckland, Tauranga & Lyttelton.

These 40 Flatracks are loaded on the vessels as Top Stowe Underdeck, which means they are protected from the elements and are last on and first off the ship. Minimising any handling.

By using this method or shipping, we can save you the cost of fumigation, which, in the UK, is very expensive @ GBP 40 per cubic metre (cbm) and can cost thousands. The average size of a Motorhome is 45 cbm, making the average cost for fumigation around GBP 1800 (approx. $3600).

So, if you are in the market to buy a motorhome from the UK, gives us a call!  Besides our unique alternative service, we also have dealer contacts that operate a VAT exemption scheme for export.

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