A fantastic visit to Istanbul for Myles and Simon

Myles took Simon to Kinay HQ in Istanbul to meet the team

Sarah Woodrow

May 6, 2022

Myles and Simon have just returned from their business trip to Istanbul. 

Myles wanted Simon to come to Kinay Head Office in Istanbul and meet everyone. It was also a chance to meet the team that work for KTL Europe, based in Istanbul, face to face. 

We asked Simon for some details of his trip and what they got up too while visiting….


On Wednesday we arrived at the office and after discussion with management, we were shown round the office and managed to meet all the operational / sales staff of Kinay, which was a lot of people 😊.

We then had a meeting with the guys that run the Turkish consol containers and then met with the sales team for Izmir regarding rates on the haulage side if things. After lunch we had a presentation of the new system which was being implemented in Turkey along with the mobile app that will accompany the system, both Myles and I were very impressed.


Thursday we started off with meeting with both SEA / AIR import and export departments to discuss what we could do for each other in regards to working together to improve the volumes both between ourselves and Turkey, but also within the Kinay network. After this we had a brief meeting with the accounts team in regards to final figures and where invoices are to be sent.


In the evening we were treated to great hospitality, which included a boat trip on the Bosphorus River via our very own Kinay boat and amazing views of the Istanbul skyline from the roof top bar 😊.


Friday we were treated to a guided tour by a member of the Kinay sales team of the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace and a well earned few drinks in the sun.


All in all an awesome and unforgettable trip, Istanbul is a busy and vibrant city of many cultures and the people of Kinay and Istanbul itself made the trip.

A few words for Myles on their trip..

It was great to visit Kinay HQ in Istanbul and meet with our counterparts in the Ocean, Air and Management departments – we had a fantastic time meeting new colleagues and getting to know more information and spending time enjoying the sights and sounds of Istanbul, it was a great visit.


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