Transportation of hazardous substances takes a particularly skilled, experienced and trustworthy freight forwarder. Trust KTL UK.

We ship hazardous substances from one end of Europe to another, and even across the globe,

Sarah Woodrow

March 26, 2024

We can take the stress and hassle out of your transportation of hazardous substances 

Hazardous substances are exactly that – hazardous. So, if you wish to have certain substances under this banner – such as flammable liquids or corrosive substances – transported from one location to another, you will need to be vigilant about a wide range of factors. 

There are various regulations that apply to how hazardous substances are stored and transported, within the UK and around the world. 

Specific substances may be targeted by specific legislation, and you will need to be well-informed on the relevant rules and how to comply with them. This task may become especially complicated if there is a need to transport hazardous substances across multiple national borders. 

It is frankly no wonder, then, that when many importers and exporters need to ship hazardous substances to a particular location, they seek out a freight forwarder that is renowned for the depth and breadth of its global logistics services and expertise. 

Here at KTL UK, we are proud to be that freight forwarder for an exceedingly broad range of customers. 

Why not place your trust in us for transportation of hazardous substances within the UK?

Even if you “only” need to have certain hazardous substances moved from one part of the UK to another, there will still be a lot you will need to carefully consider, prepare for, and manage. 

For one thing, you should not normally be using your own private vehicle to transport hazardous substances, especially given the safety issues involved. Instead, you should be seeking out appropriately registered and competent carriers to transport such specialised substances. 

Selection of the right contractor will need to be followed by identification of the chemical in accordance with its UN number. Further information on this system can be found on the website of the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

From here, decisions will need to be made on the appropriate packaging and labelling of the substance. All packaging will need to be secure and to prevent the hazardous substance from escaping, leaking, or causing any other health and safety risk when the package is subject to the typical stresses and strains of transport. 

These are all processes that we can oversee and assist with here at KTL, to help ensure your package arrives safely and in good time. 

We can also coordinate hazardous substance transportation beyond the UK 

The shipping of hazardous substances from one end of Europe to another, or even across the globe, adds further complexity. Whichever carrier you use should be well-informed on the international agreements that apply to the movement of hazardous substances, as well as the legal situation in each and every jurisdiction the shipment will travel through. 

Our comprehensive global logistics services at KTL will help put your mind at rest when you need to transport such substances. 

Whatever your specific needs may be, please feel free to enquire to the KTL team today, to learn about the bespoke services and assistance we can provide. 

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