Shipping to Vietnam

With our partner office in Vietnam we can sort all your shipping needs

Sarah Woodrow

July 9, 2020

Vietnam has become one of the busiest ports since 2013. A major UK trading partner, they are an important source of clothing, shoes, furniture, agricultural goods and machinery and many other manufactured goods.

With KTL Vietnam joining the Kinay Group we are able to help ensure you get the very best price when importing and exporting. Our partnership enables the team to handle transshipment of goods through Vietnamese ports by road, rail or dock. The team can verify legalities when importing to ensure they comply with UK law. We are able to negotiate freight, arrange loading services, warehousing and various other requirements you may have. By using this KTL partnership we are able to offer combined shipping and customs services in one place. We do recommend that all goods are insured regardless of transport method. We offer a bespoke insurance solution for you and your goods and we can normally cover with instant approval.

With Asia’s growing power and people now looking to source products outside of China they are forecast to be one of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the next decade.

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