A new office has opened for the Kinay Group

Sarah Woodrow

January 31, 2023

KTL Europe is proud to be part of the KINAY Group, based in Turkey and is excited to share with you that KTL USA has opened.

Along with us, KINAY's logistic arm is global and has exclusive partners in Asia (KTL China, KTL Vietnam, KTL Thailand) Europe (KTL UK, KTL Benelux, KTL Ukraine) and Australia (KTL Australia) with KTL USA this further reinforces our global presence.

KTL USA with its experience and professional team is providing a wide range of logistic services, Including air and sea freight, road and rail transport, warehousing and fulfilment services to our customers. The new office and warehouse is located 25 minutes from New York.

KINAY is planning to continue its expansion globally to meet the needs of its clients in every continent while providing superior customer service in each of the segments it operates.

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