Exporting this incredible sculpture to the USA.

KTL Europe had the pleasure of transporting Gerry Judah's latest sculpture Drift’

Sarah Woodrow

December 1, 2020

At KTL Europe we have had the pleasure of moving this fantastic sculpture ‘Drift’ by Gerry Judah.

The project has taken over 8 months to complete from initial quotation stage, manufacture and shipping on door to door basis. It was moved via three crates from Southern England to Texas

We arranged to collect the crates by low loader and deliver to Southampton port. The sculpture was then loaded into 3 x 40’ Flat Rack containers before being shipped to the USA. Successfully delivered the sculpture is now at its end location in the USA.

The operation was meticulously configured to make sure that the crates moved on UK roads with escort services, loading using specialist equipment at Southampton, shipping to the USA and delivery to the site.

KTL are experienced in handling this type of shipment, even crates measuring 30ft long by 14ft wide and 15ft high

Drift from Gerry Judah

If you are lucky enough to be in Dallas Texas keep an eye out for this large 6.3 meters high by 13 meters long sculpture.

In Texas, the Belt Line Road stretches thirty miles in a straight line through the hills and valleys between Dallas and Fort Worth. If you pause at the Olympus crossroad to North Lake, you will find DRIFT, the latest sculpture by Gerry Judah. The installation; cut, welded and ground from steel has its origins in the green fields of England and the mountains of New Zealand. It's the latest in a series of sculptures exploring writhing, twisting forms assembled from stacks of steel blocks.

Built for a huge temperature range and high winds - being at the southern end of Tornado Alley - DRIFT was engineered to meet the most demanding American wind and seismic codes. The sculpture was designed, engineered, fabricated and painted in the United Kingdom and shipped to the United States in three custom-built crates ready for lifting and bolting on-site by a local US crew.

It truly is a magnificent sculpture.

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