Travel suspended from Europe to the USA

With Donalds Trumps announcement on the suspension of travel, you may now be wondering, how can I move my cargo?

Sarah Woodrow

March 13, 2020

With the Trump administration putting travel restrictions in place for much of Europe, a severe shortage of airfreight space will impact on trade between the EU and USA.

Sea freight is not affected it is just the AIR traffic that will be impacted, with no flights in/out there will be no space, as most cargo travels on passenger flights.

You may now be wondering how i am going to move my cargo? At KTL Europe we have the solution! We can move goods within Europe to UK major airports and send the goods to USA by airfreight from the UK.

We can also arrange distribution into the EU with goods arriving INTO the UK Airports.

Get in touch today with one of our team to find out more.

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